CLASSEQ are a renowned British manufacturer of warewashing equipment for the modern, professional catering and hospitality industries. With over 50 years’ experience manufacturing high performance, reliable, and robust appliances, their reputation for excellence has been well earned. CLASSEQ dishwashers are recognised as some of the best in the business, and their products are used by a wide array of distinguished catering companies. If you’re looking for an appliance that will give you years of dedicated service, CLASSEQ are the manufacturer of choice. With a large variety of products to choose from, you’re sure to find a CLASSEQ appliance that meets your needs.

CLASSEQ – Historic excellence

Founded in 1977, CLASSEQ has perfected their product range over 50 years of innovation, improvement, and refinement. Now part of the well-respected Winterhalter group, they operate amongst the biggest names in the warewashing industry. Popular CLASSEQ dishwashers have helped put the company name on the map, but the business also manufactures a wide variety of other products, all of which are designed to meet the same high standards that people have come to expect of the CLASSEQ brand. Based in the United Kingdom, the company has demonstrated a commitment to innovation that sees it continuously push groundbreaking products onto the market.

Simplicity perfected

If you were to ask CLASSEQ what constitutes the brand’s core values, they would respond with three words: simplicity, trust and customer service. CLASSEQ prioritise simplicity of use, robustness, and an ability to get the job done in the least complicated way possible. CLASSEQ understand that businesses in the catering and hospitality industries want appliances that they can rely on. CLASSEQ dishwashers need to provide years of high-quality service and remain reliable throughout their entire lifespan. And by always putting the customer first, they’re able to manufacture appliances that consistently exceed expectations and to offer an unbeatable standard of customer service.

Celebrated manufacturers of modern warewashing equipment

Over the years, CLASSEQ has become the most prestigious name in UK warewasher manufacturing. Based in Staffordshire and employing a workforce of around 50 talented professionals, they’re committed to continuing their journey as one of the UK’s most important and innovative manufacturers. Their work has been consistently recognised through industry awards and, alongside their sister company Winterhalter, they have managed to emerge as one of the most popular warewashing brands in the world.