Second Hand Bakery Equipment

Second Hand Bakery Equipment

When it comes to keeping the workspace clean, bakeries present their own set of unique problems and challenges. That’s why it’s necessary to look to the biggest names in the warewashing industry if you’re to successfully equip your business with the tools needed to keep it clean, tidy, and hygienic. With Sandoro, you can purchase all your second-hand bakery equipment at incredibly affordable rates, safe in the knowledge that it’s 100% fully functional, reliable, and able to meet the demands of a busy bakery. All our appliances are put through a rigorous testing process, ensuring that you'll receive a high-performance product every time.

A challenging business environment

Bakeries are renowned for being tricky to tidy and challenging to clean. Enormous trays, oddly shaped equipment, and tough to remove ingredients, all contribute to a business environment that demands high-quality warewashing equipment. Similarly, a lack of working space also means that intelligent solutions are required, and space-saving designs need to be utilised. All our used bakery equipment has been manufactured with these unique challenges in mind. We want to provide your business with the technology it needs to excel. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading appliance manufacturers to bring you the best the warewashing industry has to offer.

A design for every situation

Every business is different, and each will require an appliance that reflects their specific needs. We stock both pass through and under-counter dishwashers, as well as several other products, to ensure that you’re able to pick out the appliance that best suits you. All our second-hand bakery equipment is feature filled. A wide variety of setting and presets allow you to tackle different types of equipment in the most efficient manner, while our dedicated servicing professionals will ensure that your appliance continues performing flawlessly for years to come.

Premium products and excellent customer service


At Sandoro, we offer premium products at incredibly affordable rates. By buying our tested and 100% reliable used bakery equipment, you can save your business up to 60% on the cost of buying it new. We also prioritise customer satisfaction, and our experts are on hand to guide you through the installation of every appliance purchased. Next day shipping ensures that products are with you as quickly as possible and regular servicing stretches their expected lifespan.