Second Hand Bar Equipment

Second Hand Bar Equipment

Bars depend on providing consistently excellent customer service. Part of that customer service involves ensuring that every glass, plate, and dish is absolutely spotless and as clean as can be. To achieve this, high-quality warewashing equipment is essential. At SANDORO, we stock the best used bar equipment money can buy.

We focus on providing businesses with reliable appliances that offer full functionality, a super clean finish, and long-term reliability. All our bar equipment is sourced from reputable brands, many of which are considered the biggest names in the warewashing industry

Specialist bar solutions

Running a busy bar presents its own set of unique challenges and requires specialist solutions if it's to operate efficiently. Free space is often at a premium in bars, so all appliances need to be manufactured to maximise usable space and minimise waste.

Our diverse array of products come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing you to pick out the model that best suits your business. As well as washing and drying glasses, bars need to ensure that they can quickly process dishes, utensils, and other industry-specific equipment, too. To do so, adaptable, versatile, and functional bar appliances are vital.

High-quality products at low prices

Alongside providing a squeaky-clean finish, used bar equipment also needs to be reliable and robust. Bar work can be fast-paced, chaotic, and pressurised, so employees need appliances that they can trust and rely on to do the job time and time again.

We ensure that all our products are put through comprehensive testing processes to confirm that they are fully functional, trustworthy, and built to last. We also only stock items from the most reputable brands in the warewashing industry. Whether it's CLASSEQ or Winterhalter, we know which manufacturers to work with to guarantee our product range represents the best available.

We go further, so you don’t have to


As well as focusing on sourcing the highest quality bar equipment, we also prioritise excellent customer service. Once purchased, we ship your appliance the very next day and get it to you as quickly as possible. Experienced installation experts are on hand to help set up the equipment, and regular servicing appointments can be arranged. We understand that investing in used bar equipment requires you to trust in the retailer and we want to reward that trust with unparalleled standards of customer support.